This week I finished up week 2 of my Coursera Kierkegaard class. I read through (most) of Meno – it got to be a bit tedious during the math part – and read my first bit of Hegel. By “read… Hegel”, I mean that I stared in horror at the monstrous length of each sentence and did extra research on his concepts of Notion, Becoming, etc. While I can kind of see what Kierkegaard had against Hegel’s going beyond Socrates, I am not sure whether I stand opposed to Hegel or Kierkegaard. There is a new found appreciation for mysticism that I can appreciate. But the systematic, methodological self still rebels against the mysticism. I also finished the Audible version of Paul Tillich’s The Courage to Be. The concept of the “courage to be”, Tillich argued, transcended both rationalism and mysticism. In fact, I take it all to mean that’s we humans admit our limitations and strive to work within them. I will definitely read this text all the way through.

I can definitely say that the Meno has made me pay better attention to categories.