Infinity becomes an open option to man once an underlying concept of ultimate infinity is established. With the acceptance of the possibility of God comes the infinite number of possibilities for reality. In a solely naturalistic framework, where the finite is investigated, accepted, and exalted, it appears that the ontological possibilities for reality are limited and so they are potentially entirely capable of discovery and understanding. However, The naturalistic perspective is only possible by declaring that it is correct. It is only feasible by rejecting all other epistemological frameworks. But when approached rationally, it becomes obvious that there is no ground upon which this naturalism stands. The philosophy of science is undergirded by rational ideas. And these rational ideas are contained within subjects that interpret, invent, and frequently confuse reality. Subjectivity automatically limits objectibility. And so the naturalist is forced to concede that their epistemological framework is incomplete, leaving the possibility for more than the finite. Thus, even without the acceptance of God, the infinite remains. Man cannot the escape from infinity.