There have been so many tragedies in Europe since 2015. Hundreds have lost their lives to Muslims armed with hatred and whatever devices they can find. Their actions incite hatred and fear in every decent person who hears about them. Why are they doing this? How do they want us to respond?

I’m not sure but I bet that they want Western society (Christian, secular, or otherwise) to react in hatred. They want more violence. They want “Christian” nations to be at war with “Muslim” nations. The barbaric attacks are going to get worse on their part. Then vigilante movements will retaliate. Then governments will try to slow the violence until the point that they must go to war. How stupid. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Ethics must find their way back into public school systems. People must begin to ask deep, searching questions. Be stirred by fear! Take courage in being! Do not bend to their expectations or bow to their demands. Boldly look at the enemy with pity for them and the resolution of your own mind. 

There is a common humanity that runs through every living person. There is a family lineage that cannot be severed. We cannot escape who we are by running from or attacking one another. We must accept our identities and the identities of others. We must find the common ground and discuss the differences. No terrorist group has ever accomplished their long term goals. They never will. Why? Because they miss the point of how the world works. There is not a subjective alignment that can be altered. Cause has effect. Ground has consequent. There are things that predestined us. There are things we will. Will to love. Will to be.