It’s a strange and wonderful thing to have an “Other” in your life. An “Other” is simply someone who is not you. However, without the Other, you are not quite yourself. To be cut off from the Other is almost like cutting off your identity or removing half your blood. Yes, you can survive and, yes, you will get better, but it takes time.

Usually, you can feel yourself to be a whole again. But there are some Others that never fully go away, even if they are no longer present. The Self and the Other are only partially separate. A memory becomes a part of the Self just by the Self experiencing an event. But the Other pushes and pulls on the Self – he/she/it makes us laugh, cry, excited, angry, depressed, joyful, thoughtful. The Other makes us feel alive. The Other might just be essential to survive – or at least it feels like this once removed from your life.

There is no Self without the Other. There is only Inter-being, shared existence.