I have a favorite constellation. I love looking up and seeing Orion, especially during the winter when Sirius tags behind it. Sometimes I just smile and say, “Hello old friend” as if the sky had ears.

Of course, I have other favorites. I love philosophy that points me closer to an understanding of the universe and how I can create meaning for my life within it (or within the totality of all domains, if I consider New Realism). How else can someone understand life than by asking the hard questions? I find myself connected to the past and the present through my search for wisdom, meaning, and understanding. I guess that’s why I also took up Buddhist teachings alongside the Western ones.

And I love Jack Johnson’s music. His album, In Between Dreams, makes me think of a lazy day on a beach or slow, romantic sex, or just an early Saturday morning drive with the windows down. In essence, it’s just pleasantness.

So just combine a nice night drive in February with Jack Johnson and the question of “how can I make the world a better place?” and the outcome is a smile on my face. That’s all the meaning I need sometimes.