Wisdom leads to happiness – at least this is what people believe. The main problem is that wisdom is confused with knowledge, while happiness is confused with lack of suffering. The truth is that wisdom only leads to happiness as much as one accepts reality. Wisdom is loving the world as it is. If you cannot change a situation, love it as best as you can. Remember that you are owed nothing. Happiness and suffering mean nothing really. I’ve moved beyond nihilism though. So what I mean is that in the end, every creature perishes – so don’t worry about what is happening if you can’t control it. Embrace life as life is available to you.

Live beyond the words you write – such as this. Living is so much harder than writing. What is written becomes a document; it is “set” in the most obvious ways. Living is a continuously changing event and requires constant attention. It is easy to lose happiness because it is easy to lose contentment. It is easy to lose focus because energy is required to perform work – even mental work.

Diligence in wisdom and contentment leads to happiness. Just remember that both the target and the shooter are constantly shifting.


I just have to add a quote I just read by Bertrand Russell:

“The good life is not contemplation only [quietism], or action only [pragmatism], but action based on contemplation, action attempting to incarnate the infinite in the world.”