I get to start this dieting/exercise journey on a rainy Monday, so yeah, very motivating…

I’m clocking in heavier than I thought at 179 lbs. I was 150 this past summer, but I led stress eating over take me with school work. And with lack of time, exercise was impossible. I literally worked on school work as soon as the kids went to bed until midnight or later each night. And having two jobs takes away all hours of daylight, weekends, and then some.

This diet thing has got me thinking about aesthetic philosophy. Is beauty and fitness a social or personal concept? Is it objective or subjective? Obviously, this type of analytical dissection of reality is a flawed artifact of Western thinking. And there is truth to each aspect regarding aesthetics.

In my mind, I have a general idea of what healthy looks like for me. Frankly, as long as I can look down without feeling discomfort in my neck, as well as not have a potbelly in my T-shirts, then I’m pretty OK with my weight and size. So we’ll see where this journey goes. I will update this once a month on progress, that way I don’t annoy anybody about bickering and complaining about how hungry I am or how tired I am.