Just a warning: this post may offend.

I came across this line: “Individuals have no more choice in their sexuality or gender identity than they do in their race or ethnicity.” from https://onlinecareertips.com/2019/08/religion-protected-classes-employers/

But is that true? Why is it that so many people I know have gone back and forth trying to make up their mind if they are gay, straight, or bi? The author of the quote above would likely be hurt if I accused him of insensitivity or “microaggression” against these people I know. He likely wanted to let minorities know he stood with them. Hell, he probably believes it’s not a choice and is just honestly expressing his beliefs.

But believing doesn’t make something true. Believing in God doesn’t make God exist. Believing in conspiracies doesn’t make history conform to those ideas. In fact, an issue I have with the above is that he seems to think that religion could never qualify as gender identity or sexual orientation.

In fact, I am more in favor of sexual orientation being declared something someone is born with than gender identity. Gender identity is a as much a social construct as it is a biological issue. Hermaphrodites have to choose their gender when they don’t ontologically “fit” a category. And I remember watching Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole where he discussed a group of girls who grew penises at the age of twelve. But society says that boys like this and girls like that. My little boy got a doll house because he loved it. Some people in my family really fought against the idea. But he’s moved past it and is nothing but video games and funny cat videos now.

I personally think transsexual and gender identity issues could be resolved by being society saying yes a 14-year-old boy can wear blue eyeliner and yoga pants and still be straight. I am 100% for destroying societal biases. But I will not refute reality. I cannot say “I am a 30 year old Asian female” when I clearly am not 30, Asian, or female. How would you measure these? DNA is one way to determine if I am genetically descended from Asian origins. DNA could also determine where I am on a spectrum of Male-to-Female-ness (this is not an original concept either). My birth certificate could tell you I’m not 30, but some would argue that it can’t because it’s an artifact of society – ahem – which renders society useless in a cosmic absolute-relativity spiral. Put simply, the argument destroys their own arguments and so it won’t work.

Think of all the manly things out there – sports, hunting, fishing, gun ownership, truck ownership, drinking at the bar, acting stupid and getting laid by some random person…. I seriously can’t find a list further away from me. I would be considered a “girly boy” if I was in high school now. I like the arts, but not all art. I love the theater. I will never own a gun. I am so uninterested in sports that I don’t even watch a single game ever – including the Super Bowl (although I always hear the results later). I did own a truck once, but that’s because it given to me for a year. I have never had a drink at a bar. I have never had a one night stand. I act stupid sometimes, but everyone does and it’s an unfair accusation against guys.

My point is that the guy who wrote the article above has no right to claim anything about reality unless he has the science to back it up. If he can – fantastic! I’ll believe it. That’s how things should be: I call you out for making a claim with little or no evidence (certainly not enough to persuade me) and you do your research and present new, better evidence that is repeatable and logically sound, then I believe you. And I will because I have changed my mind on many, many things for that very reason. I want to see more evidence backing claims before they get published. This is a “journal” really so it’s not like I’m getting recognized on this. I think everyone is free to post as they like on blogs (except obscenities and threats), but on professional sites authors should have the evidence to back up their claims.

Not leaving this open to comments. Just standing up and asking for science. Hell, I’m not even taking the time to do the research myself. Maybe I will one day and then I can look at this post and decide if I was right or wrong. I find it more exciting when I’m wrong, but for now, I need science to convince me.