3 COVID Vaccines, 3 Results

One of Them

Yes, I am one of “those” people who thoroughly researched the initial academic publications and had my first vaccine early, Dec. 30 to be precise. I had my second in January and the booster this week.

The different reactions has astonished me.

Round One

The first vaccine made me feel dizzy. I stood up after waiting my 15 minutes and thought I had raised up too fast. Effects of this vaccination lasted until the next day. I had medicine head and felt tired up until the next day at lunch.

Suddenly, I felt completely fine. Very weird.

It was kind of like having your ears pop while traveling over a mountain, except it was my entire body that felt 100% again.

Round Two

The second dose only lasted about 5-6 hours. I was dizzy and had medicine head again.

But it felt like it slowly dispersed this time.

My arm hurt a bit the next day, but it wasn’t too bad.

Round Three

This third shot, the booster dose, has been hellish for me. I have felt exhausted since yesterday and I’m about to go to bed early (which I almost never do).

I feel like I have the flu this time and it hurts to move around.


I find this all interesting. No one seems to have the exact same reaction or at least no one claims to.

I’m grateful that I work in a field where I can get immunized earlier than later.

I hope all of you are well out there in Texas, Oregon, Timbuktu! or wherever you call home!

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