Of Music and Endings

I used to play on stages. Nothing big, but I had a few practices in a week and then a small show. The problem was that it was always too loud on stage. My ears would ring for hours afterwards. I also would destroy my vocal cords and have to take breaks a few times a year. Now, I can hit most of those notes without problems. I also used to pay about as much to get to and from a show as it would make me to play it. Now, I have the funds to do so without issue, but no excuse to do it.

Contrary to what many people may have thought (or still think), I never wanted to be famous. I only wanted to create. And I’ve always been passive, so I never would have made it big without being a puppet. Now, I still play other people’s music every weekend, but that’s not art to me. It’s just a quick, fun job – when there’s a band to play with. Without a full band, it feels empty and boring. There’s something special about synchronizing yourself with others to create a product far bigger than any one of you.

I love the emergence.

Even now, I just purchased a new studio and am looking for a new computer to record again. Just for fun. I hope I can help others too. Many kids would go far if given a shot early on. I’d like to help them.

By the way, just finished Bohemian Rhapsody so that’s why this is on my mind. Good night world.

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