New Music: Alex Di Leo

I discovered Alex Di Leo a few months ago when he released “Brooklyn Bridge” as a single. Great song to run to! I just realized that his EP came out recently too and it’s well worth a listen!

Also, I finished painting one one my lower office spaces today and have to work on the lower trim tomorrow, but it’s coming along well (although that rubber trim sucks to work with around corners). Everyone keeps commenting about how hard I work just because they can see a very visible result. They don’t see the scheduling and templates I work with or hear the patient complaints I resolve. But the notice this. A word of advice to new managers: do something highly visible at least once a month. It will establish you with your staff quicker than the behind the scenes stuff that is far more important. Also, make sure you communicate something daily and follow up on issues quickly. It goes far.

(Also, my manager helped paint too so I’m trying to make sure everyone knows she helped a lot too. All of my higher-ups straight to the top of our musculoskeletal line are amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better set of people to work with. It’s awesome to even be able to say that.)

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