the real problem is taxonomy, not anthropocentrism

Ever post something and then have ZERO idea what you meant? I sure did with this blank post. Accidental? Maybe. I can’t even think of what context I was referring to, but it’s likely something metaphysical. Oh well. I just wasted 15 seconds of your time.

Object-Oriented Philosophy

The more time that passes since the advent of the current strains of continental realism (materialism is something else altogether), the more I sense that the central issue has been misunderstood.

The argument has often been made (including by me) that the correlationism/philosophy of access characteristic of modern thought has tended to reduce the world to its appearance to humans.

Many critics have tried to argue (though they are wrong) that this is a straw man, that German Idealism was already beyond this problem, and so forth. But I’m less interested in these people than I am in those who ostensibly accept the Speculative Realist argument, but in my view draw entirely the wrong conclusions from this.

Stated briefly, the problem is not that humans (and sorry, but Heidegger’s Dasein is still human being) have been given too much attention and that we therefore need to shift the balance back…

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