Agnostic Representation in a Cartoon? Boss Baby Family Business Breaks a Huge Barrier!

In what I can say might be the first time ever, a cartoon, Boss Baby: Family Business, has given equal representation time to non believers in a cartoon – and *spoiler* it’s around the holidays! Okay so maybe it’s not a true spoiler, but it’s not really revealed in the trailer for Boss Baby Family Business to my memory.

*Spoiler warning again but I’ll try not to spoil….* The scene I’m talking about involved a lot of kids telling about their holiday celebration and even pauses to show a kid dressed in black that says he’s agnostic.

Now there is a concern that this is kind of a harsh treatment of non believers because the kids is standing all alone and the scene loses all color and vibrancy, but at least there is visual representation in a cartoon now that some kids (and presumably their families) don’t celebrate any holiday traditions or have religious beliefs.

I just had to point out that this is a HUGE deal. Boss Baby Family Business has broken the non-believer barrier!


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