The Chaos of Society Today

I usually reserve this blog to talk about religious issues and philosophical points, but rarely to speak on politics directly. But we have reached across a crossroad in the Western world.

People are on strike for higher wages and we can’t get supplies, such as every day items you would purchase at a gas station, because they want hire pay. McDonald’s is paying $20/hour now, just under a professional administrator role in the corporate world.

Angela Merkel is now leaving office in Germany with seven parties represented in their parliament.

The US is spending more time walking on eggshells around racial, gender and COVID issues than tending to economic issues.

The individual has almost completely supervised the group level. For certain reasons, this is great. But I’m afraid that the spoiling of grown people has led to the demise of society. The disproportionate representation of minority opinions has led to the bashing of majority opinions, to the point that the majority has switched to the position of self-defamation.

I know I’m ranting, but this is chaos.

Society is ending.

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